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How Does Quanta Technology Work?

Quantum Physics has proven that humans are bio-electric beings.  This means our bodies use electric currents to do just about everything. People with higher levels of bio-electricity are more likely to be happier and healthier while those with low levels of bio-electricity are more likely to experience depression and illness.

The electric field of a human is the unity of positive (+) and negative (-) electric zones. In order to be healthy, the energetic balance must be maintained in the bio-energy system. Energetic balance and constant freely flowing of energy are important factors in your health and well-being.

Nerve cells communicate by releasing special molecules. Think of them as “keys”.  These keys are intercepted by other nerve cells downstream. There are all types of molecular keys, each with its own distinctive shape. The surfaces of the target nerve cells are studded with receptors, which are like locks to fit the keys.

When the key fits into the receptor, the surface of the nerve cell changes in some way. For example, when the key molecule at right locks into the receptor on the surface of a nerve cell, it opens a door in the membrane that allows molecules to flood into the cell. This equalizes charges inside and outside the cell.

Cannabis is just like all other plants, it is constantly losing energy, or bio-electricity from the moment it is harvested.  Our cannabinoid receptors are directly linked to our central nervous system, which is essentially a long series of electrical impulses. When cannabinoids enter the receptor they create a chemical reaction which produces the effects desired, and some not so desired.

Quanta’s charges up molecules to create a strong bond in your receptors.  This heightened energy and strong bond helps deliver cannabinoids to produce the largest possible desired response. In other words, Quanta products have higher levels of energy, or bio-electricity and produce an experience with more “life”.


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