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Push Disposable Carts has a wide range of vape pens to keep you relaxed while treating your taste buds. Our
long-term goal is to drive innovation in the vaporizer industry. The average disposable vaporizer usually
holds between 200 and 400 puffs. It is often noted that 400 puffs of vapor are equivalent to 20 cigarettes.
The most common battery size for disposable vaporizers is 280 mAh, but can go up to 850 mAh
Uses of push disposable
 Anyone can choose and use a disposable vaporizer by following these simple steps.
 Take the vaporizer out of the packaging.
 If there is a button, click it and the indicator light will come on. If there is no button, go to step 3.
 Breathe through the mouth.
 Inhale the steam.

What is a push cart vape?

Push pods are a popular type of vape device known for their convenience and versatility. These devices feature a pod system that allows users to refill and reuse their vape pens easily.