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Buy White Widow online is a balance hybrid strain of Cannabis indica and cannabis sativa 30%THC among several strains available worldwide, White Widow cannabis carries the outstanding status for its performance. This resin-rich plant is a balanced hybrid type of indica and sativa selecting from the mountains of South India especially from Kerala. Due to its popularity, this strain has been dispersed around the world, which has resulted in different types of the original. It produces great yield in indoor and outdoor production. It requires more light for growing inside but requires less maintenance. Hence it is considered to be the best option for first-time strain growers.


White Widow or WW strain, in short, has stinging smell with a little touch of earthy odour. Users expecting tastyflavours feel disappointed when smoking cannabis strain since its smoke has an earthy and wooden scent. The smoking effects of WW are stable and high mind. This strain offers high cerebral and psychedelic effects. Users can experience this cerebral effect on their head which makes their brain work faster to boost their creative thoughts


It is widely used for dealing with anxiety, depression, appetite disorders and loss of energy. The high cerebral effects makes the user aware remain active and aware of their surroundings. People lacking focus can use this strain to gain better psychological help than more physical strength. Some users experience this strain relives their migraine problems

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