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Pura Vida Chocolate Chip Protein Bar (100mg)  Pura Vida Health promises the best in quality from seed to harvest. Our organic cannabis farms are legally contracted cultivations, to ensure chemical-free ingestion. Pura Vida Health consciously acknowledges cannabis as the true medicinal herb that it is, which means quality is key.

Chemicals are not recognizable to the body. When they are ingested, your body is working to break down those harmful elements. Medicating with organic cannabis allows your body to focus on the beneficial cannabinoids, using them to kill cancer cells, combat anxiety, help with digestion, and all the other magical components cannabis provides. Choose to medicate and heal yourself at the same time, Don’t Sacrifice Your Body For a Buzz.

Our Superfood products contain a hybrid- sativa dominant organic strain, creating the perfect experience. Our patients find that the high assists where you need it, working wonders to alleviate pain, without knocking you out. The Sativa dominant keeps you aware and conscious throughout your high.

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