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Hindu Kush is a pure indica strain named after the mountain range stretching 500 miles between Pakistan and Afghanistan where it originated.



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Buy Hindu Kush online is an original form of marijuana from the Hindu Kush mountains.  It is a pure Indica from the area between Pakistan and Afghanistan.  It is a landrace strain.Purple Kush A landrace strain is a type of plant that has been domesticated and has found its own niche, growing apart from other members of its species to a new variety. Hindu Kush is certainly that.  Regardless of where marijuana originated, it’s clear that this strain has made its own home in a harsh region and become wild and strong as a result.  It is a parent of many Kush varieties.  Hindu Kush is a pure Indica, in fact, one of the prototypical Indicas.  Indicas are varieties which are generally more relaxation inducing and tend to come from in and around the Indian subcontinent, especially from the Hindu Kush region.Reckless Rainbow kushThese plants experienced and learned to thrive under the harsh conditions on the mountains by producing chemicals to aid them in surviving temperature extremes and pests.  These very chemicals are the things we now cherish as they are invaluable recreationally and medicinally. This weed strain is the originator of the lazy weeds that make you relaxed, happy, and drifting off into sleep.  The Hindu Kush from some of the most notorious mountains in the world will show you the strength needed to survive in those mountains.  The plant packs that strength into its powerful buds and delivers it to you for recreational benefits or to fight moderate to severe human ailments.

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The Hindu Kush plants are typically short, hearty plants.  They are resistant to pests, molds, insects, animal attack, bacteria, viruses, and mechanical damage.  Their origin in the rough Hindu Kush mountains also make them resistant to temperature extremes.  The leaves are a beautiful uniform green, with orange pistils, and a thick protective coat of sticky resins and trichomes.  The prepared nuggets have a strong piney, lemon scent, with hints of earthiness, oak wood, spicy, floral, and herbal.  Hindu Kush plants are packed with cannabinoids, terpenes, trichomes, and other therapeutic ingredients because these are the plant weapons used to send small pests into a delirium or act as an insecticide, but for humans, used correctly they are therapeutic, as they act similarly as a pesticide to kill autoimmune, weak, or precancerous cells in our bodies.  Pure, landrace plants maintain all the strength of the plant in its natural harsh environment, and all the heartiness it used to survive its environment.Kurupts Moonrocks

For cultivators, the thick covering of trichomes and resins are just the blessings from the plant, rich as they are in THC and other strong cannabinoids, but they are the plant’s way of protecting itself.  This coating can protect it from inclement weather, forming a waterproof seal.  Human weatherproofing often uses plant resins for the same reason.  It protects the plant from pests such as insects, who can get stuck in the resin and be discouraged from trying to take a bite of the plant, or, they may end up with a dose of THC too large for them to chew, and they may either perish, or merely go away from the experience having learned not to try to chew on the king product of the Hindu Kush mountains.

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Growing weed from Hindu Kush cannabis seeds and cuttings is said to be fairly easy.  These are true weeds that took over and flourished in the harsh terrain of the Hindu Kush.  Where you plant them, these weeds will shoot up.  They prefer a dry, warm environment like the climate they originated from in the growing season of the Hindu Kush region.

Indoors, hearty Hindu Kush marijuana plants will provide a yield of 14 ounces per square meter of growing space.  You may want to use a soil enriched with a fertilizer like Flower Power fertilizer to add extra nutrition to your Hindu Kush plants.  It will take seven to eight weeks for the plants to flower and be ready for a bountiful harvest of fresh, potent, relaxing Indica.

Outdoors, Hindu Kush wants to grow in a dry, warm environment, like the growing conditions of the marijuana flowering season of the Hindu Kush region between Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Hindu Kush plants will yield 16 ounces of resilient, trichome-rich Indica weed per plant.

Medicinal Marijuana Review

Hindu Kush medical cannabis has THC levels that rise as high as 20 percent.  It is the perfect strain to induce relaxation.  With an excellent side effect profile, this makes it an excellent choice for disorders caused by chronic stress and inflammation.  Its CBD levels are around 0.5 percent.  With its ability to induce relaxation, Hindu Kush can be a powerful weapon against diseases caused by chronic stress.  These include anxiety, depression, PTSD, Social Anxiety Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, and dysthymia.  Marijuana has not been studied for each of these disorders as research has been difficult to do during the strict cannabis prohibition in the United States.  It is now becoming possible to do this research and preliminary results sound promising, especially in the case of PTSD, and the therapeutic potential of the herb to treat those traumatized in war, and victims of abuse, or of terrorist attacks looks handsomely promising.

Hindu Kush marijuana has a powerful kick of THC and because of this has pain-relieving abilities in many disorders.  These include muscle pain and spasms, fibromyalgia, back pain, sciatica, and neck pain.  These musculoskeletal conditions benefit from the relaxation properties of a powerful Indica balanced out by the 0.5% CBD level.  Relaxing Indicas of which Hindu Kush is the granddaddy are very effective pain relievers for neuropathic pain as well.  Neuropathic pain is pain caused by damage to the nerves that stretch from the spinal cord throughout the body.  This can include burning pains, tingling sensations or phantom limb pain.  This also includes peripheral neuropathy, Multiple Sclerosis pain, and polyneuropathy.  This can be burning of the feet, tingling in the hands, or prickling sensations on the skin.  This pain can be so intense, the patient may feel like he or she is walking on hot coals.  Medical marijuana was used early on for this kind of pain.

Hindu Kush marijuana is good at tackling cases of nausea.  Nausea can come from many causes.  Sometimes, it is a result of the chemotherapy drugs and radiation used to treat various cancers.  Hindu Kush marijuana may be recommended by a doctor to fight the nausea caused by these life-saving treatments.  Nausea can also be caused by conditions like POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), Multiple System Atrophy, and Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome.

Marijuana varieties, including Hindu Kush marijuana, has been shown to reduce eye pressure in glaucoma.  Although the effect is temporary, lasting only as long as the effects last, this opens up an avenue of providing relief and better quality of life to millions of people around the world, using this easy to grow and widely available medicinal herb.

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Hindu Kush marijuana has a relaxation that will open up your appetite.  This is an invaluable asset to those who suffer lack of appetite from situations like the side effects of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.  In addition, those with wasting diseases like HIV and Anorexia can benefit from the increase in appetite which will allow the patient to put on weight and intake of necessary nutrition.  Those with anorexia can benefit from Hindu Kush weed’s ability to relax the mind and disrupt thoughts of worry and negative judgement about oneself.  It can allow the sufferer to eat without guilt and anxiety, and therefore come back up to a healthy weight that his or her body can thrive on.

Hindu Kush weed is renowned for its ability to put the user to sleep, making it an excellent choice for those suffering from insomnia.  Hindu Kush will lull the user into a profound sense of peace, an ability to forget the problems of the day, let go, and drift off into a deep slumber.  You will have better sleep and fewer awakenings.

Hindu Kush weed, as a pure relaxing Indica, has special anti-inflammatory properties for which the plant is being studied.  Inflammation is a cause of chronic disease from diabetes to depression.  It is also a cause of autoimmune diseases such as lupus and Multiple Sclerosis.  The anti-inflammatory properties of marijuana are just recently coming to be appreciated by researchers.  High CBD strains have shown promise in seizure disorders in part due to the anti-inflammatory effect.  However, THC and other cannabinoids and terpenes are also shown to have anti-inflammatory effects.  These have shown preliminary promise in improving health in conditions as serious as cancer and complications from being overweight.

Hindu Kush is the ultimate relaxing Indica.  It is a perfect compliment to a lazy afternoon with friends or loved ones.  This strain will make you want to kick back and enjoy life.  You will forget all the problems of the day and sink into deep relaxation.  All the little aches and pains that result from chronic stress will dissolve away.  There will be a heavy but not tiring body high with tingling sensations and a sense of comfortable warmth.  The relaxation will put you and your friends on a euphoric level where agreeableness and affection will come easily.

Hindu Kush will cause a quick rise in mood.  You will feel light and easy.  This is the perfect strain for listening to music or binge-watching a favorite television series.  You will feel more absorbed in your activities and your focus will be deep and hypnotic.  Hindu Kush can turn a sad yucky day into a joyous winding downtime.

Hindu Kush marijuana could be a thoughtful way to relax with a romantic partner.  Giving and receiving affection will be effortless and flow naturally.  You will enjoy your time together and have a warm, cuddly demeanor.

Hindu Kush will also give you the munchies.  It’s a very responsible idea to have some healthy snacks prepared.  You may crave food that is heavy in calories, cheesy, salty, and fatty, but there are still healthy choices you can make.  For example, fruit salad is a good choice for a hungry group of friends.  Dishes containing fatty fish and salads are both healthy and delicious.  So, fire up the grill and have everything ready to go before you start enjoying your weed.  You may not want to cook and smoke at the same time.

Hindu Kush weed can be a great choice for including in edibles, being sure to watch closely the THC content you are consuming when you eat your edibles.  Consuming too many edibles can be a frightening experience.  With edibles, the effects come on slow and last longer.  If you want a more long-term experience out of your weed, pot brownies or gummies may be for you.  Gummies are often made from the same gelatin matrix which provide a release of medication from gel caps.  So, gummies will provide you an extended-release marijuana experience.

Hindu Kush cannabis is also good for tinctures.  Tinctures can provide a quick and easily accessible way to use your marijuana, perhaps in places where smoking or vaping your weed is too conspicuous.  You can get the effects you need wherever you are by using Hindu Kush in a tincture.

Hindu Kush cannabis works well with vaporizers.  Vaporizers will give you a less harsh means of taking the therapeutic substances in to your lungs.  Being full of trichomes, Hindu Kush weed will work well with many types of vaporizers but be sure to do your research to make sure you’ve gotten a vaporizer built to vaporize the form of weed you have, whether herbal, dabs, or hash oil.

Hindu Kush dabs can be the most potent form of the relaxing herb you can experience.  It is not for novices.  Using the Rosin Tech method, you can make your own dabs from Hindu Kush herbal weed.  See out site here for information on Rosin Tech.

Even with dabs, estimate how much THC you are getting and if you are ready to sail to such unreachable heights merely for the sake of recreation.

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