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Buy Crumbl Cookies Online is one of the most talked about strains on the market. After enjoying a gram or so, I can see why people talk about it. Cookies have been made popular by rapper Berner and his dope hip-hop about the lavish stoner lifestyle fueled by Cookies Fam Genetics coveted flavors. The flower came wrapped in the Cookies Fam baby blue and white, their signature color scheme.

Wedding Cake caught flame in Washington’s industry, with many farms throwing their seeds into the Wedding Cake ring. Farms like Lifted Cannabis Co and DNA Gardens have crafted exquisite Wedding Cake cuts, but there’s something special about finally experiencing the cut that started hype.

I wasn’t greeted with the notable minty-earth aroma that I’m accustomed to with prior run-ins, but pleasant kush aromas with sweet undertones were present. The flowers were covered in trichomes and sparkled in the light as I broke down the flower.

Cookies Fam Wedding Cake provided a powerful euphoric high that weighed down my body and lifted my mental energy making me social and giggly. Wedding Cake provided an obvious boost during the Wilder versus Fury fight and I’d recommend anyone picking this up next time they’re in California.

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Cookies Fam Wedding Cake Overview

  • Hybrid
  • Genetics: Triangle Kush crossed with Animal Mints
  • Aromas: Earth with sweet notes
  • Flavors: Sweet earth

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