GRAV Coil Showerhead Water Pipe – 12″

  • NOTE: Label Colors Vary
  • 12″ Height
  • 14mm Funnel Bowl
  • Fixed Showerhead Downstem
  • Coil Perc
  • GRAV Decal
  • High Grade Glass
  • Thick and Wide Base
  • Extra Moistur



Product Description

buy grav coil showerhead water pipe online

Your pipe will come with one of the following label colors: Blue, Black, Red, Etch, White, Green or Purple

The GRAV Coil Showerhead is a 12″ glass water pipe that sends your rips spiraling through an advanced moisture-conditioning system. Designed for a higher water level, the chamber fills halfway for even smoother and cooler hits. When you take a rip, smoke is drawn to the top of the spiraling air path and percolated through a large showerhead at the bottom of the chamber. Each hit is extra moisture-conditioned. A stemless design makes using the GRAV Coil Showerhead easy. A thick and wide base keeps the unit stable during each wild ride.


Constructed from 65mm borosilicate tubing, the GRAV Coil Showerhead pipe not only looks clean and clear, but is highly resistant to heat. This ensures the most flavorful, cool hits possible while preventing cracking and breakage. This premium glass piece is designed to perfection with a fixed downstem, coil perc, and 14mm glass funnel bowl. Easy to clean, you can maintain its pristine look and excellent rip production for years to come.


The GRAV Coil Showerhead features a central percolator that lowers the temperature of smoke as it travels through the spiraling piece before diffusing into the water chamber through the showerhead. The result is smooth, comfortable hits you can taste before they even reach your mouth. We recommend filling the Coil Showerhead pipe with roughly 3″ of water for the best results.

  • 1 x GRAV Coil Showerhead Water Pipe
  • 1 x 14mm Glass Funnel Bowl

GRAV Coil Showerhead Water Pipe – 12″ Additional Information

Dimensions: 6 x 6.25 x 13.75 in.
Weight: 2.41 lbs.

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