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Dab carts dabwoods is a popular cartridge brand, known for being the first backwoods flavor vape cartridge. Although people confuse this company with Dankwoods, Dabwoods vape  is its own company primarily selling vape cartridges and merchandise. These cartridges may give smooth hits and a nice high, but there isn’t authentic information on the company to be found online.


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How Good are Dab Carts Dabwoods? How and Where to buy/order dab carts dabwoods

Dab carts dabwoods has got excellent packaging, good taste, and solid hardware. However, the question of purchasing dabwoods cartridges it comes down to the oil. There have been different reports on how the oil vapes for different people, so we’ve considered that in our review.

[Disclaimer: Dabwood cartridges are not lab tested and are unregulated. It is important to consider your purchase carefully when deciding on Dab carts.]

Dabwoods cartridges are ceramic with a wooden tip that is quite comfortable on the lips. The atomizer has a plastic ring instead of a clear one underneath. It’s very easy to discreetly carry around with a vape pen or equivalent as it is pretty small overall.

The cartridge gives easy and soothing hits. Some people think that the wooden tip might affect the taste, but it doesn’t seem to have any strange effect.
Overall, the cartridge is a sleek design for what you’re getting. It’s an excellent choice for vape cartridge lovers.

How and Where to buy/fine good Taste and Aroma dabwoods

Dabwoods are one smooth vaping experience. The aroma depends on the flavor but is generally more of a strong dab smell than the flavor in question. It is similar for the taste, which is also more like a dab than the flavor on the package. That said, it both smells and tastes good! Both the taste and aroma of most of the flavors go down easy.

Here is a list of the official flavors in case you were interested:
● Apple
● Vanilla
● Banana
● Peaches & Cream
● Pineapple
● Honey Berry
● Strawberry
● Watermelon
● Russian Cream
● Grapes

Packaging Dabwoods with flavors

Dabwoods come in great packaging with colorful designs. Each flavor comes in a small candy-like package that neatly holds the oil with a unique design on the front that matches the taste. For example, Banana comes in a bright yellow pattern with a banana on the front, while Russian Cream has a mountain in the background.

Each package opens easily, and the cartridge can be placed back into the packaging for safekeeping if you want.

Oil Quality

Each Dabwoods comes with 1 gram of THC distillate in a Universal THC vape

Compared with other brands, there is some irregular quality regarding the high level of THC claimed in Dabwoods oil. Some of their packaging claims THC levels as high as 85%, probably an exaggeration.
That said, it’s still a powerful hit when you get it. It’s smooth, reasonably potent, and has a decent taste and aroma. There’s a chance you’ll get a different batch than others, so keep that in mind, but for the most part, there’s always going to be a decent amount of THC potency and a smooth flavor profile.
Final Thoughts
There is some risk when picking up Dabwoods cartridges. The fact the oil can be irregular is a problem. However, the packaging and cartridges themselves always look and feel great, plus the taste and aroma for most of the flavors are smooth and solid. It’s a great choice to try out for the price

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