Cannabidiol (CBD) – a significant non-psychoactive component in the cannabis Sativa is rapidly becoming a popular product. It is increasingly in demand as a vital aspect in packaged goods (CPG items such as food, drinks, and fitness & wellbeing products due to providing proof of its health advantages.

This rapidly expanding business may rise from $5 billion in 2019 to $23.7 billion by 2023. However, fundamental issues with present products, such as biological barriers or the rate CBD gets absorbed into the system, must be solved. Let us investigate the significance of a completely water-soluble CBD composition in resolving this and other issues.

Water-Soluble CBD – What Is It?

Let us begin this journey with an excellent overview of water-soluble cannabidiol.

Herbal infusions, lotions, oral sprays, energy drinks, and even CBD-infused apparel are all available today as products of CBD. Those with a more logical or gastronomic bent may have discovered an apparent paradox in a handful of those goods. CBD is a non-polar chemical, which means it will not mix with water. This phenomenon is why carrier oils are typically used for the CBD to dissolve. So, how can goods containing CBD and water cohabit in the same fluid?

Water-soluble CBD is a topic of great interest for a multitude of reasons. One is the variety of emerging uses it enables. A water-soluble formulation might be valuable in making more water-based CBD products like – cosmetics, skincare, or the infusion of textiles such as garments or bed sheets. Another reason for its excitement is the enhanced availability of a water-based substance. The human species is better at digesting water than oils, which is perfect given that we are 70% water but not ideal for CBD absorption.

What Qualifies Organic Water-Soluble CBD as a Premium Product?

Without any do let us fuel your creative flames imagining all sorts of CBD-based products that can soon become a reality – all thanks to its partnership with probably the most basic and crucial ingredient – water!

Let us move ahead by looking at the great overview that makes water-soluble CBD a perfect combination!

The Significance of CBD in Water

CBD comes from cannabis in the form of an oil. It, like all oils, is hydrophobic, which means it will not mix with water. As a result, CBD oil is resistant to absorbing the nutrients, with 96% of it getting out from the system without really working efficiently to provide benefits.

Here is why water-friendly CBD is the new grist of the gossip mill:

Nanotechnology manufactures CBD that is water-soluble. This method allows extractors to liberate the smallest particles of CBD and guide them into your body. Oil-soluble CBD products must work exceptionally hard to enter your body, whereas water-soluble CBD products enter the bloodstream via the small intestine. Its high solubility is responsible for its rapid absorption, and as a consequence, the benefits may occur practically immediately.

Other advantages of water-soluble CBD:

Water-soluble CBD is more efficient and leads to less wastage – Because the chemical has higher bioavailability, less waste happens while consumption and more of the product is usable.

Speedier start is possible – Because water-soluble items dissolve conveniently in the bloodstream, they get engaged in the body in a shorter time than their oil-based counterparts.

Provides good value – Depending on how you utilize the water-soluble product, solubility can increase by up to 500%. You would need fewer goods that would last longer to achieve the same level of effectiveness.

Water-soluble CBD has unlocked the way to limitless opportunities because of the efforts of both scientists and investigators. These emulsifiers enable cannabis to mix into foods and beverages. The future looks promising, with so much potential for water-soluble CBD.

Who Should Take Advantage of CBD Water Soluble Benefits?

It is up to the individual to choose between CBD oil products and water-soluble CBD products. However, the key to determine which is ideal for you is to evaluate your priorities.

When Should You Take Advantage of CBD Water Soluble Benefits?

If you do not like the taste of CBD oil, are not interested in using it as a skin cleanser, or are not interested in vaping the oil, CBD water-soluble is a terrific option. Undoubtedly, the ease with which water-soluble CBD dissolves into the body makes it ideal for individuals seeking a rapid effect.

The Effect on the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

The utilization of this innovative technology will be tremendously profitable in all CBD-infused CPG market segments. Many large corporations are already capitalizing on the promise of CBD-infused products.

1. Health and well-being

Cannabis intake for health and wellness is becoming more popular. With Unilever’s entry into the CBD-infused ice cream market, the door is now open for other major corporations to follow suit.

Truly water-soluble CBD is a groundbreaking innovation that will jump-start the expansion of CBD products in the CPG sector—and unleash the cannabis plant’s maximum potential.

2. Food

Edibles, including CBD-infused sweet treats and chocolate, rank highly among commodities that current and potential customers would consider trying.

CBD is crossing the barriers between pharma and food as a functional element and mood booster, with health advantages such as:

1. Plant-based

2. Keto-friendly

3. Anti-inflammatory

4. Omega-3 fatty acid

5. Anxiety and stress relief

By 2022, the worldwide functional food market might increase from $250 billion to $440 billion, with CBD-infused food items playing a substantial role in this rise.

3. Drinks

By 2020, the worldwide functional beverages industry is expected to be worth $278 billion, with CBD beverages becoming a strong sub-segment. Water-soluble CBD will minimize the earthy smell associated with currently available CBD beverages.


Simply put, water-soluble compounds tend to be more valuable. Finally, whether you choose water-soluble products or CBD oil products is entirely up to you as a purchaser. The primary factor in determining which one is best for you would be your “why” for utilizing a CBD medicine.

You can choose to take CBD orally or topically as part of your self-care regimen. If you want to consume it directly, a water-soluble substance is the best alternative. Without a doubt, water-soluble CBD is more readily absorbed into the body and provides a broader spectrum of perks.